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How to book a free tour?
4 steps to enjoy a very special journey
1. What is your dream destination? Think about it, imagine yourself there... Type it and click on search!
2. Choose your favourite activities and book on the calendar or use the "Book" button.
3. Complete your details. You will receive yourbooking voucher by email.
4. Have a great time and share your experience with @yoorney!
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For travellers:
Are you looking for new experiences?
It is not wasy to learn everything about the destination city you have chosen. That's why we help you to discover the city and make you feel part of it. Immerse yourself in the local culture as a local citizen with Yoorney.
For companies and tour guides
Do you want to grow with us?
We offer a platform to expand freetours and experiences of recently created companies anywhere in the world. We want to continue growing with you!
For bloggers, influencers and more
Do you want to earn extra income?
We look for new travelers to transmit our message and carry the Yoorney flag all over the world. Become a yoorner and discover new countries to get more people join our goal, which is to create a new way to travel.
For hotels, travel agencies and much more
Do you want to optimize your services?
We focus on helping our travelers with activities, excursions and tours in the destination city, what brings great added value. Do not hesitate to check our collaboration plans to advertise Yoorney experiences in establishments.
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