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Best things to do and see in Antwerp?

Discover what to do in Antwerp with our guide tour in Spanish. 

Antwerp is the second most populous city in Belgium, so, although it is not the capital, its high volume of people make this city of high importance, not only for hosting the 1920 Olympic Games.

Surely names like Peter Paul Rubens and Anthony Van Dyck will ring a bell. Both share two characteristics: they are baroque painters and the people most responsible for Antwerp's fame.

After introducing these names, we can imagine Antwerp's wide cultural offer with streets, squares or statues with references to them. The Antwerp Cathedral contains works by Rubens together with the Rubens House museum.

To the two mentioned names is added that of Napoleon, who used the port of Antwerp to take center stage from that of London.

Our Free Walking Tours Antwerp will give you the chance to visit the Antwerp Zoo, one of the oldest in the world, the church of San Bonifacio, or different museums to those already mentioned. You can make a more complete experience linking several of our excursions and tours.

The gastronomy of Antwerp will give you many answers to the question: what to eat in Antwerp? The Flemish Carbonadas will be perfect for a cold day as it is an ox stew, although the Waterzooi, Stoemp or Flemish Asparagus are just as valid if you have not tried the typical Belgian dish that is mussels with fried potatoes.

The most common is that you come to Antwerp from Brussels for a day tour, so the meeting points are close to the Antwerp central station, such as Grote Markt square.

If you need privacy and personalized attention, you have a private tour of the city available that will captivate you like us on each route. The best free tour Antwerp await you.

If Antwerp doesn't surprise you, our local guides in Spanish will!

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