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Best things to do and see in Madrid?

Madrid, Spain's vibrant capital, is a destination full of history, art and culture. Whether you're drawn to its famous museums, stunning architecture or lively nightlife, there's something for every type of traveler in Madrid. At Yoorney, we offer both free walking tours and guided tours that will allow you to discover all the wonders Madrid has to offer. Here's what you can expect from our Free Tours in Madrid and our Guided Tours in Madrid.

Free walking tours in Madrid

If you are looking for an affordable and flexible way to explore Madrid, our free walking tours in Madrid are the perfect option. Our Free Tours in Madrid will take you to the most emblematic places in the city, including the historic Royal Palace, the Plaza Mayor and the vibrant Malasaña neighborhood.

Yoorney's Madrid Free tours are led by enthusiastic and knowledgeable local guides, who will introduce you to Madrid's rich history and fascinating culture. Our tours are flexible, which means that you decide how much you want to contribute at the end of the tour, based on your satisfaction and possibilities.

In addition, our free walking tours in Madrid will allow you to explore the city at your own pace, discovering the secrets and stories hidden around every corner. With our free walking tours in Madrid, you will experience the city like a local, getting a unique insight into its daily life and rich cultural heritage.

Guided tours in Madrid

For those looking for a more detailed and enriching experience, our guided tours in Madrid are the perfect choice. These tours will allow you to delve deeper into the history, art and culture of Madrid, giving you a deeper understanding of this fascinating city.

Yoorney's guided tours in Madrid are personalized experiences that will take you beyond the main tourist sites. Our expert guides will take you through the city's most emblematic sites, such as the Prado Museum and the Retiro Park, providing you with detailed information about their historical and cultural significance.

In addition, our guided tours will also give you the opportunity to sample the delicious local cuisine and learn more about Madrid's traditions and customs. It is an ideal option for those looking for a more complete and enriching sightseeing experience in Madrid.

At Yoorney, we are dedicated to providing you with unforgettable travel experiences. Whether you choose one of our free walking tours in Madrid or a guided tour, we are sure that your experience with us will be memorable. Come and discover Madrid with us!

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