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Best things to do and see in Ubeda?

If you are thinking of visiting Úbeda, don't think about it! Municipality of the province of Jaén and that, together with Baeza, were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on July 3, 2003. The Plaza Vázquez de Molina de Úbeda, as well as the Plaza de Santa María and the Cuesta de San Felipe de Baeza were the recognized areas. 

If you want to spend a different day with your partner, family or friends, enjoying cultural activities outside your municipality, enjoying the culture and history of another city, this is your best journey! Visit Úbeda and continue the route through Baeza, whose distance between both is only 15 minutes and between them and the capital there are only 40 minutes, so getting around by car is super fast.

Book your tour in Yoorney and enjoy the Free Walking tour Úbeda, whose visit will be much more satisfactory walking with our local guide tour in Spanish, who will fill you with stories you did not know and will make you enjoy the city through a unique experience.

Have you ever heard the expression "getting lost in the Cerros de Úbeda"? It is used to refer to someone who rambles when explaining something or when trying to slip away. Well, this expression was born from a Captain of Fernando III el Santo, Álvar Fáñez, who at the beginning of the battle near the city disappeared to lie with a lady, curious truth?

You will know these and many more stories when you book your excursion or free walking tour in Úbeda. If you are looking for a free tour in Úbeda you will find the best. Do not miss it! It is a quiet, beautiful city, with beautiful streets and walking through it will not leave you indifferent.

If you want to know what to visit in Úbeda we recommend the Sacra Capilla del Salvador and the Palacio del Dean Ortega. The Basilica of Santa María de los Reales Alcázares is really impressive as well as the Palacio Vázquez Molina or also called Palacio de las Cadenas. Don't miss out on these wonders.Come and enjoy Úbeda!

And if you also want to complete your visit, continue through the city of Baeza!

We want you to have "Your best journey" with our best Free Tour Úbeda!

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