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Best things to do and see in Tangier?

Your best yourney begins with the exciting adventure of discovering the city of Tangier. 

The magic of this place, limited to the north by the well-known Strait of Gibraltar, is a city located in the north of Morocco.

The Free Walking Tour Tangier will discover the square of April 9, where the Sidi bou Abid Mosque, from 1917, the Cinema Rif, and the entrance to the Medina, the oldest part, and of course, its traditional market stand out!

In the old town or Medina, we will fall in love with its labyrinthine streets, full of endless bazaars full of life. You will see that it has not lost the original charm of the beginning of its story.

There our guide tour will explain the difference between the Zoho Grande and Zoho Chico, and we will get lost

through the heart of the city through the center of the city.

Strolling through its mysterious streets, we will locate the only Catholic church in Muslim street, unique in the world, arriving at the Alcazaba, surrounded by walls and spectacular views of the bay, or the Mausoleum of Sidi Ben Raissoul and the Marchane Palace, built in 1929 , which served as a holiday residence, as a museum, and today as a residence for visitors to the Royal Palace of Tangier.

But what else can we visit in Tangier? Well, the Great Mosque! It is not necessary to enter the Great Souk, but you can see that its great minaret will keep you company throughout our walk.

Book your excursions and tours in Yoorney, and you will find a cosmopolitan city, the result of a mixture of cultures throughout its history, small squares surrounded by cafes and old hostels, with large handicraft areas.

After the Free Tour in Tangier, ask the local guide what to do in this city, such as drinking the refreshing green mint tea, or tasting its wonderful Moroccan sweets that will make you recharge your batteries.

We want you to have "Your best journey" with our best Free Tour Tangier!

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