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The magic island, Gran Canaria. One of the Canary Islands, where magic is lived, where wild nature makes you fall in love. Where you can swim on the sand, dive in the natural lakes, just below the impressive waterfalls. An island, where nature is not a simple tourist act, but life. There is not just one day when the landscape will be the same, with our free walking tour Gran Canaria, excursions and tours with guide tour in Spanish, Gran Canaria will not let you surprise you with its beauty.

The capital of the island, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a true pearl. To discover the impressive history of the city and the area, you have to visit the Vegueta neighborhood, where the squares and buildings tell us everything. In this neighborhood is the Cathedral of Santa Ana, the Regental House, and the famous hermitage of San Antonio Abad from the year 1757. The original hermitage was built in 1478 and according to tradition it is related to the passing of Christopher Columbus through the island in 1492. In this neighborhood we can visit the most famous museums on the island as well, including the Casa de Colón and the Museo Canario.

When we are in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, we have to get lost among the courtyards, the ones full of houses and small squares and let them make us fall in love and fill us with the unique magic of that wonderful island.

The best way to live a unique experience is to ride a specialized boat and see dolphins and different species of Whales up close with our Dolphin Watching tour in Gran Canaria. It is an activity for everyone who visits Las Palmas, an experience that we can share with our grandchildren as well.

To try the typical dishes of the island, the best way is to take a break in the small terraces of the bars in the port or in the Vegueta neighborhood and enjoy the "taperío", accompanied by the best wines in the area.

Don't think about it and enjoy the best Free Tour Gran Canaria!

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