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Best things to do and see in Mérida?

To visit Mérida we recommend that you do it with our guided tours with guides in Spanish, to soak up all the history of its monumental complex. In this city it is essential to know the theater and the Roman amphitheater. The Roman theater in Mérida was erected in the 16th century BC. and, currently, the international festival of classical theater in Mérida is being held.

The National Museum of Roman Art has an impressive archaeological collection: sculptures, pieces of everyday life from that time and mosaics, among others.

In Mérida, in addition to being Romans, Visigoths, Arabs and Christians lived, which gives the city enormous value and historical wealth. With our free tours you will get to know the Temple of Diana up close, which keeps all its columns standing and is the only religious construction of the time that is preserved in the city. Within walking distance is the Pórtico del Foro.

They say that the Roman bridge is the longest in antiquity, with 60 arches and 790 meters, and is part of the archaeological site of the city. It is also essential to visit the Los Milagros aqueduct or the Basilica of Santa Eulalia in Mérida, which was built in the 4th century and is considered an important area of ​​the birth of Christianity in the peninsula. From Santa Eulalia to the Roman Circus you can see the aqueduct of San Lázaro.

With our free tours of Mérida you will discover the Plaza de España, where the City Hall is, or the Arco de Trajano. Thanks to the excursions and tours you will get to know the historic center, which houses the Puerta de la Villa: a square with a fountain that has a bronze statue of a woman and that was made as a tribute to the archaeologists who began excavations in Mérida at the beginning 20th century.

We want you to have "Your best journey" with our best Free Tours in Mérida!

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