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Communist Budapest Free Walking Tour

Would you like to unfold the history of communism in the city? Travel back in time to the significant places in Budapest that have played an essential role during these times.

Special Budapest Offer: 2 tours for € 20

¡OFERTA! Conoce Budapest con nuestra increíble promoción: 2 tours en español por solo 20 euros

Széchenyi Thermal Baths Tour and Priority Ticket

Come discover one of the most significant attractions in Budapest, and enjoy a pleasant visit with priority entry to the Széchenyi Baths.

Budapest Free Walking Tour

We invite you to know the capital of Hungary, much more that an European capital: its history, customs and heritage make it an idyllic place.

2.5 Hours English, Spanish

Budapest Parliament Tour

Lose yourself in the heart of Hungary and admire the most important and splendorous monument of Budapest, as you learn everything about its history.

Budapest Private Tour

Enjoy the delights of Budapest at your own pace and enjoy this unique experience with the company of our Spanish speaking guide

Danube Boat Trip

Cruise along the Hungarian river as the sun shines on a day cruise or drift off under a blanket of stars on a night cruise.

0.55 Hours Audioguide

Budapest Ghost Tour

The night falls and a thick fog blankets the sky of Budapest; it is time to reveal the mysterious stories that involve the city.

Budapest by Night Tour

You won´t help but fall in love with the imperial history of the Hungarian capital under the night lights. Come and discover its young and joyful essence.

Budapest Castle Tour

The Budapest Castle, formerly inhabited by kings of Hungary, princes of Transylvania, Ottomans and emperors of Austria, hides the most curious stories of the city.

Budapest Jewish Quarter Free Walking Tour

Get immersed in the intense story which marked a turning point in the city of Budapest, crossed by the Danube River.

2.5 Hours English, Spanish