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Best things to do and see in Budapest?

If you think that with a couple of days you can see everything that Budapest has, you are very wrong, this city deserves many more days to visit! The Danube breaks this city in two and each one offers a different face of Hungary, but be clear that you cannot miss either of the two territories.

In our Free Walking Tour Budapest we will take you through the history of this city, very important throughout the 20th and 21st centuries due to its strategic location in Europe. You can go with our guide tour in Spanish through the great Parliament of Budapest, spend a day on the wonderful Margarita Island or even have a good beer knowing the legends of Pest in the Zsimpla Kert.

Budapest surprises everyone who visits it, looking out from any balcony and being able to see the Citadella or cross the Chain Bridge become pleasures that you will miss when you return home.

Don't miss our tours of the Great Synagogue or the central market, where you can try everything that is eaten in Budapest. You can also review all its war history, visit the Museum of Nazi and Communist Terror or relive the revolution of 56.

There are many curious things to see in Budapest, but if you must try something, it is a bath in the city baths, such as the Széchenyi spa. It doesn't matter if it's winter or summer, these baths are tradition and will help you to relax after a good walk. We certainly have the best free tour Budapest, plus you will have the opportunity to experience other excursions and tours.

Whether you are staying in Buda or in Pest, transportation is a strong point of the capital, although we encourage you to walk as far as you can, as the city is worth it for everything you will find among its streets. We give you the option of being able to take a private tour, the best solution if you need a personalized visit with your own itinerary.

Enjoy "your best journey"!

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