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Best things to do and see in Warsaw?

Yoorners welcome to Warsaw a dynamic European metropolis known for its history and monuments. In addition, the capital of Poland attracts by its friendly inhabitants, a majestic river - the Vistula - and its gastronomy, these are just some of its attractions. The Polish capital is a city in constant evolution, which you can discover when you book your free walking tour of Warsaw.

 What to visit in Warsaw? If you want to know this city in Yoorney we offer you the best free tour Warsaw. With a local guide tour Spanish, your visit to the city will be an experience full of fun and information. Your best journey will start in the best place to explore Warsaw's picturesque Old Town, whose history dates back 700 years. Completely destroyed during World War II, it was meticulously rebuilt according to 18th century paintings. Also on our free walking tour of Warsaw we will tell you when the city was only a fishing village, the golden haired mermaids who lived in the seas and rivers defended the city from attacks. This will take us to the banks of the Vistula River where you will enjoy its beautiful landscapes.

Our walk will continue along El Camino Real, where we will see the most beautiful buildings in the city: the Presidential Palace, the Potocki Palace, the Czapski Palace, where the Chopin family lived. We will go to one of the main streets of old Prague, Ząbkowska, often called the Old Town of Prague. The oldest buildings date back to the 1860s. During the summer weekends, the street becomes a stage for numerous cultural events. On our free tour of Warsaw we cannot forget the Market Square, we will tell you how it was systematically blown up during the Second World War and how it was restored to its pre-war appearance. As you can see, we have a variety of excursions and tours, get informed and complete your experience!

 So if you are looking for a free walking tour Warsaw you know that in Yoorney you can book the best free tour. Your journey through Warsaw begins with Yoorney!

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