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Saint Petersburg, favorite daughter of Tsar Peter the Great, at the time capital of the Russian Empire, then epicenter of revolutionary symbolism with the name of Leningrad, today the cultural capital of the Russian Federation; In short, the most northern metropolis in the world will not leave you indifferent. We bring you the best free tour Saint Petersburg, the "Venice of the North".

Book a Free Walking Tour Saint Petersburg through the old town and stay to admire the monumental glory of the Admiralty and the largest Orthodox Cathedral in the world, Saint Isaac. Take a cruise to tour the canals of "Venice of the North" and soak up the romantic grace of palaces in the Russian aristocratic tradition. Dive deep into the bowels of the earth and discover how this city, including its subway stations, have nothing to envy of the aesthetic charm of the magical works of dwarves and fairy-tale elves. Visit the Winter Palace, the Heremitage, where admiration for the architectural magnificence of tsarist culture goes hand in hand with tales of revolutions and some of the most shocking events in human history. And after having met the life of immortal figures of the world cultural heritage such as Dostojewski, Puskin or Lenin, rediscover Saint Petersburg in the light of sparkles and new eyes through a walk after sunset.

These are just some of the unforgettable experiences to live in the Russian cultural capital, we have a variety of excursions and tours of the city. With the best guide tour in Spanish, we are waiting for you to share a trip that you would never have imagined to be so enriching. You choose what you want to visit first, then you look for the Free Tour of Saint Petersburg that most suits you and then it will be the professionalism and passion of our guides that will open the doors to the infinite number of activities to enjoy in Saint Petersburg.

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