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Best things to do and see in Athens?

Discover what to do in Athens with our guide tour in Spanish, you will enjoy a complete experience with our Free Walking Tour Athens.

If we call you Athens, you will immediately think of Greek gods, Olympic games and home to great thinkers and studied philosophers, but what would you think if we told you that it has much more?

The capital of Greece is the largest city in the country and one of the oldest in the world with more than three thousand years, surely at that time they did not have a free tour to visit the city, but I have good news for you: we have different con different duration and theme.

The walls of Athens contain a lot of history, but despite being a great city, it is welcoming. There are many, but we can start with Plaka, the oldest neighborhood in Athens and where we can see the famous Acropolis and its Parthenon, perhaps the largest essential in Athens.

The city can be enjoyed alone, as a couple, as a family or with friends, and Mount Lycabett is a perfect example of this. From this point you can observe the city and admire what the Greek gods had prepared for us.

An advantage of this city is its geographical location, located near the sea and different islands, it allows us to visit the islands in one day and enjoy traditional music on board.

We have told you about gods, monuments and Olympic games, but surely you need something more on your visit to the capital, the food! You can eat Gyros, Mussaka, Souvlaki and countless Greek dishes, but don't forget to dip it in Tzatziki, the famous sauce that goes with everything.

Discover Athens by the hand of local guides in Spanish or its surroundings with excursions and tours from the city, but don't forget to look up at the sky, that Greek mythology will be watching you.

We want you to have "Your best journey" with our best Free Tour Athens!

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