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Best things to do and see in Athens?

Steeped in history and mythology, Athens is a mesmerizing blend of the past and the present. It's a city where ancient ruins stand amidst bustling city life, and where every corner whispers stories of gods, heroes, and philosophers. At Yoorney, we provide free walking tours and guided tours that let you explore Athens in all its glory. Let's introduce you to our "Free Walking Tours in Athens" and "Guided Tours in Athens".

Free Walking Tours in Athens

If you're looking to discover Athens in a budget-friendly and flexible way, our Free Tours in Athens make a perfect choice. These tours take you around the city's most iconic landmarks, from the mighty Acropolis to the vibrant Plaka neighborhood.

Conducted by passionate local guides who are eager to share their city's history and culture, Yoorney's Free Tours in Athens operate on a "pay-what-you-feel" principle, which means you can show your appreciation to the guide in accordance with your satisfaction and possibilities.

For the comfort of our English-speaking visitors, we offer Free Tours in Athens in English. Also, with our Free Walking Tours Athens, you can delve into the city's enchanting bylanes at your own pace, uncovering secrets and narratives that are often missed by regular tourists.

Guided Tours in Athens

For those who wish for a more in-depth exploration of Athens, our Guided Tours in Athens are a great fit. These tours provide you with a deeper understanding of Athens' history, art, and mythology, helping you appreciate the city's richness beyond its surface.

The Guided Tours in Athens offered by Yoorney are meticulously designed experiences that take you beyond the main tourist attractions. Our expert guides will navigate you through lesser-known trails, bringing you closer to Athens' unique essence, be it through its hidden archaeological sites or its lively local markets.

Furthermore, our guided tours present you with a chance to savor Athen's gastronomic delights, helping you understand the city's culture from a culinary perspective. It's a holistic tour option for those who seek to experience Athens in all its dimensions.

At Yoorney, our goal is to ensure unforgettable travel experiences that transcend ordinary sightseeing. Whether you opt for our free walking tours in Athens or a guided tour, we guarantee a rich and immersive exploration of this magnificent city. So, come discover Athens with us!

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