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Discover what to do in Bruges with our guide tour in Spanish and the best free tour Bruges.

How do you say Bruges in Belgian? Brugge, which actually means bridges in Dutch for the amount it has in the city. Now that you know flamenco and, as is quite likely, trips from Bruges to Brussels to continue our tours, our local guides will show you around the city and with our Free Walking Tour Bruges.

When you walk through its beautiful streets you will realize why they call it the Venice of the North and why chocolate is its star dish. The smell of sweet sweeps every corner and it will be impossible for you not to enter one of its stores. But wait! Our guides will recommend the best place to take a piece of this delicacy or even take you to try it if you do our tour.

The appeal of chocolate is joined by that of beer, having a great passion for this drink, probably influenced by its German and Danish neighbors.

The medieval past and the preservation of the fortress make this city the most visited ahead of Brussels as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visit the Plaza Mayor, known as Grote Markt, from here the tours will take you through its history starting with Belfort, a huge tower that serves as a viewpoint, the Town Hall or the Church of Our Lady, Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk, the tallest church in Belgium that will help us take a second look at the city from above. As you can see, a great variety of excursions and tours await you.

Do you want to make it more intimate? Book the private tour. The easiest way to take advantage of the trip and give you time to see Bruges and Ghent the same day.

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