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Palermo, capital of the island of Sicily in Italy, visit this historic city where they went from Phoenicians to Normans. It is one of the main tourist destinations in Italy, if you will find something in Palermo it is a unique charm that you will discover among its alleys, beaches, markets, Churches and Palaces.

Book one of our free excursions and tours of Palermo with guide tour in Spanish, so as not to miss a detail among the hustle and bustle of the Sicilian city. What to do in Palermo? Visit the Cathedral of Palermo you will find Arabic, Gothic and Baroque styles, you cannot miss its tombs and crypts! The Palace of the Normans seat of the kings of Sicily and of the Parliament, currently the National Assembly, in the Palatine Chapel you can see the magnificent mosaic of Pantocrator and the Cathedral of Monreale. On the outskirts of Palermo, you will find a unique and a bit terrifying visit, The Catatumbas de los Capuchinos, there are more than 8000 corpses conserved for all to see, yoorner visit only for the unscrupulous.

Tour the old town by booking our Free Walking tour Palermo.They will take you on a route through Piazza Marina, in the Kalsa neighborhood, it is the meeting place for locals and tourists, inside the square you will find the oldest tree in Italy, the circumference of its trunk is 21 meters! In Piazza Vigliena known as Quattro Canti, you can visit four baroque-style palaces where they house statues of Spanish kings, such as Carlos V, among others. What to visit in Palermo with children? You cannot miss the International Museum of the Antonio Pasqualino Puppets, which houses a collection of more than 4000 objects.

What to eat in Palermo? In the popular markets of Vucciria or Capo you can taste fresh products, and try their typical dishes in the various street food stalls that you will find in their streets and squares, try their pasta with sardines!

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