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Bratislava is a true gem in Central Europe next to the Danube river. We all know the city as Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, but Hungarians call it Pozsony. It all comes from the exciting history of the area and because for many centuries the city was the capital of Hungary and several kings of Hungary were crowned in the Cathedral of St. Martin. 

Due to the proximity of different large cities, such as Budapest and Vienna, and because of its location, the city always occupied an important place among the commercial cities of Central Europe.

Without a doubt, the best way to get to know Bratislava is to walk through the historic center. An impressive building awaits us on every corner, revealing secrets of this city's impressive past. In this neighborhood is the Puerta de San Miguel, one of the 4 entrances to the city during the Middle Ages. Today we only have this door, the other 3 were destroyed over the centuries.

Above the old town we can discover a rocky hill with the Bratislava Castle. Apart from the fact that its four towers are considered the symbols of the city, today the building houses the Slovak National Museum and the residence of the country's President. The hill is occupying a dominant position on the Danube, so from the castle we can enjoy unbeatable views of the city and the entire mountain range.

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We will naturally recommend the best places to try typical Slovak dishes such as bryndzové halusky, which are dumplings with pecorino cheese or the famous cabbage soup, kapustnica.

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