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Best things to do and see in Moscow?

Moscow attracts visitors from all over the world for being an exciting city and full of urban dynamism. And the best way to get to know it is through a free tour of Yoorney to delve into a city of contrasts, where Soviet architecture mixes with luxury shops amid chaotic traffic. With our Free Walking Tour Moscow, you will discover how Moscow is a mixture of cultures from Asia and Europe, a combination of democracy and Soviet heritage. But also information from our local guide tour in Spanish about places of interest, the vibrant nightlife and relaxing city parks that make it a wonderful vacation destination. 

Your best Yoorney with our free walking tour of Moscow will take you to the monument to the unknown soldier where we will tell you the history and the legends that surround him. We will walk through the beautiful gardens of Alejandro I, a meeting place between locals and visitors. We will go to the unmissable Basilica of San Basilio. We will stop to contemplate the famous Red Square in Moscow and where we will tell you all about the Kremlin cultural and religious complex in the center of the city, an ancient fortress with a unique set of monuments that are UNESCO heritage, as well as the official residence of the Russian President.

On the free tour you will also meet the GUM department stores, a luxury shopping mall, but which in former times was a meeting point for workers. We cannot leave aside telling you about the Soviet past of the city where its marks are scattered throughout the city. The monuments are reminiscent of fallen heroes and victorious battles. In addition, we will take you to the Bolshoi Theater and its surroundings, the Resurrection Gate, the Ivan the Terrible Scaffold and much more.

As you can see we have a variety of excursions and tours around Moscow. You already know book the best free tour Moscow with Yoorney and get ready to know a city that will catch you from the first moment.

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