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This site is owned by YOORNEY and is under its responsibility, with registered office in CALLE MESA DE LEÓN 4, 35001, LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA (LAS PALMAS) ESPAÑA, telephone number (00) 34 928926312, email address info@yoorney.com, and CIF number B76222355, company registered in the Mercantile Register of Las Palmas: Tome 2010, Folio 182, Section 8, Sheet GC49609, Inscription 1ª, and Intermediary Tourism number I-0003447.1 (General Registry of the Government of Canary Islands), hereinafter as YOORNEY, or “we”, to you, “the user” or “you”. In case you decide to acquire any of our products or services, you will also be called “customer” or “consumer”. 

This site is a platform for general information and tourism services purchasing. The mere fact of accessing this Web implies knowledge and acceptance of the following general conditions.

  • Generally, the relationship between YOORNEY and our guest and users, and those regarding the reservation of the services and products offered on our site, are submitted to Spanish legislation and jurisdiction.
  • The contents, commercial activities, services and products included on our website are not designed or intended to people residing in a jurisdiction where these contents are not approved.
  • In case of any problem or conflict resolution, will be overcome by seconding personnel with appropriate expertise from national institutions, those located within the region, or internationally.
  • Access to this Web is the sole responsibility of the user shall not entail any kind of commercial relationship between YOORNEY and the user.
  • The access and navigation in this website supposes accepting and knowing the legal warnings, conditions and terms of use contained in the space web previously mentioned.
  • YOORNEY informs our USERS that the contents published on this site are specially directed to adults over 16 years old. If you haven’t reached this age yet, you will need an authorization signed by your father, mother or tutor to navigate on our site.
  • Information Updating and Modification

    • The information contained on these web pages is that in force as of the date of their last update (1st October 2018). We reserve the right to update, modify or remove the information contained in this website site in a unilateral manner, at any time and without need of prior notice, including the possibility of limiting or not allowing access to this information.
    • User may not alter, modify or in any other change any content contained on this website. We reserve the faculty to do, at any moment and without previous notification, changes on the information of the web.
    • We reserve the right to update and/or change our General Conditions. These changes won’t affect agreement previously signed between YOORNEY and the users or customers.


    • YOORNEY is the direct supplier of the tourism services offered on this website, so any content, product or service published, together with photos or videos, is as truthful as possible and we are responsible of it. We will realize the maximum efforts to avoid any mistakein the contents that could appear in this Web, nevertheless it neither guarantees, nor takes responsibility of the consequences that could stem from the mistakes in the contents that could appear in this web, provided for third parties.
    • YOORNEY may not be held responsible in any way for the contents, commercial activities, products and services which are made available and which may be displayed, either directly or indirectly, by links if any, and when any, that are included in this web. Unless expressly declared to the contrary, the presence of links in the web site of PBS, is for merely informative purposes and in no case supposes suggestions, invitations or recommendations regarding the same.
    • YOORNEY assumes no liability for the contents published in any char or forum, newsletters or any other type of transmissions, linked to this site and will cooperate, if legally required, to identify those who are responsible for those publications that violate the law.
    • YOORNEY excludes liability for access of underage users to the web contents, remain the responsibility of their progenitors to ensure an adequate control of their children’s activity or active any method to limit their use of Internet.

    Browsing, Access and Security

    • Access to the site attributes the status of user to whomsoever does so and expresses the full and unreserved acceptance on the part of the user of each and every one of these Terms of Use. In YOORNEY makes every effort to ensure that browsing takes place in the best possible conditions and prevents damage of any type that could occur during browsing.
    • This web site has been designed to support the most common navigators and accepts no responsibility for damage, of any type, that may be caused to users by the use of browsers or version other than those for which this web has been designed.
    • YOORNEY takes no responsibility and doesn’t guarantee that access to this website will be uninterrupted or free of error. Neither does it accept responsibility or guarantee that the content or software that may be accessed through this web is error free or not cause damage. Also, in any case YOORNEY will be held responsible for the losses or damages of any type caused by the access and the use of the site, and we don’t accept any responsibility for any hypothetical damage that could be caused by the use of this information.

    Intellectual and Industrial Property

    • This site, the contents and services offered, and images, photos, texts, logos, brands, etc. are protected by Spanish and International Laws about Intellectual and Industrial property. They could not be the object of utilization, reproduction, distribution, modification, public communication, transfers or transformation.
    • The content of this web site may only be downloaded to users' terminals for private, non-commercial use; therefore it will not be possible to utilize, reproduce, distribute, modify, publically communicate, transfer, transform or use the content of this website with commercial or public purposes.
    • YOORNEY does not transfer property in its software to users. We retain all industrial and intellectual property rights, including the software. If the USER transfers software from this website to his computer, he will not be able to dissect it for his studies, or separate it, translate the original object code or its language to another code or language.
    • It only authorizes the use of the contents of the web domain for information and service, subject to acknowledgment or reference to the source, you are the sole responsibility for the misuse of them.
    • YOORNEY reserves the option of taking legal action against those Users who violate or infringe these intellectual and industrial property rights.

    Information about the Technical and Safety Issues

    YOORNEY will not be held liable for any damages or harm resulting from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone line malfunctions or disconnections in the operational functioning of this electronic system; YOORNEY is neither responsible for delays or blockages in the use of this electronic system due to deficiencies or saturation of telephone lines or overloading on the Internet system, or other electronic systems, nor for damages that may be caused by third parties through illegal interference beyond our control.

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