General Conditions of Purchase

Owner: GUIDEUM WORLD, S.L. (hereinafter, GUIDEUM WORLD)

Adress: Mesa de León 4, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - España

C.I.F.: B76222355

Business Register in Las Palmas: Tomo 2010, Folio 182, Sección 8, Hoja GC49609, Inscripción 1ª

Tourist Licence: I-0003447.1

Email adress:

We kindly ask you to read our General Conditions of Purchase, before to use our services.

I.- Application

All the agreements, products purchase and services are carried out exclusively in accordance to the present conditions. This General Conditions of Purchase are also valid for future businesses without further express agreement.

When an order is placed, the customer accepts this purchase agreement with GUIDEUM WORLD, and the mentioned conditions.

GUIDEUM WORLD offers the commercialization of its products and services in the European Union. However, if the customer wish to receive any item or service outside the European Union, he should contact GUIDEUM WORLD via email to or through the forms available on this website. We will consider your application and give you a soon answer.

GUIDEUM WORLD reserves the right to regularly modify these General Conditions of Purchase, and this latest version may be consulted whenever so desired at the Web Site

II.- Communication with customer

The customer has to indicate when placing the order at the latest an email address, whose operability has to ensure from the moment he places the order until the definite completion of the order. Particularly, the user has to verify his spam settings and make sure he receives an email from GUIDEUM WORLD. This email address will be considered for future orders if the customer doesn’t apply for a change or modification.

Messages of GUIDEUM WORLD, which are sent by email to that email address, are presumed to be received by the customer after their dispatch. GUIDEUM WORLD is only responsible for transmission errors if their causing is based on GUIDEUM WORLD' own sphere. The user can provide evidence of not receiving the email.

GUIDEUM WORLD is not obliged to inform the client of any errors, fails or inoperativeness of the email account.

III.- Execution of contract

Use of this website and acquisition of any product or service by the customer, in case this customer provides a different email address (for example, if he gets a product for a different person), this circumstance won’t affect the agreement with the customer. However, in case that the customer would act on behalf of another person, this agreement shall be linked to this person when GUIDEUM WORLD has been informed about this situation, and when it is agreed in writing with GUIDEUM WORLD the realisation of this agreement with a different person. In all other cases, the provision of a different email address won’t affect to the agreement with the customer.

IV.- Acquisition

To acquire any of our services, you have to select the service you want to acquire, read the description and services that includes and continue to the reservation process, once you have entered the date and number of people.

Then, please follow these steps:

1. Enter your personal details to realise the agreement.

2. Choose the payment method: we accept PayPal or credit card.

3. Purchase confirmation and sending of the E-Ticket to the email provided.

4. Show your E-Ticket (printed or on your mobile phone) to the officer of GUIDEUM WORLD on the confirmed date and place, then you can enjoy our activity!

Before acquiring any of our guided visits, the customer shall consider that:

- The purchase of a guided visit in Spanish, you agree our tours description.

- The Company reserves the right of admission to our tours.

- The Company can modify schedules and itineraries, and can cancel the tour up to 4 hours before the tour starts.

- The Company accept to liability if any of our guides is late due to public transport delays or causes beyond the control of our company that could affect to the modification of schedules. In any case, we would satisfy your needs, within our grasps.  

- We are not responsible for negligences of our customers during the tour.

- We are not responsible for damages that customers suffered during the tour.

- The tour reservation is only valid for that specific date.

- Tours are also suitable for kids (except as expressly stated otherwise).

- Tours include a Spanish speaking guide.

- What each tour includes is detailed in the description.

- Tour reservations can be generally modified up to 48 hours in advance.

- Trip reservations can be modified but not cancelled up to 5 hours in advance.

- We are not responsible if you arrive late to the meeting point, and refunds are not possible.

- Each tours includes a FAQ section that could help you to get some info that you are interested in. Anyway this information is just suggestive and will always be sustained to the General Conditions of Purchase. In case of any questions, we kindly ask you to contact us.

V.- Prices, Payment Methods and Invoicing

All the prices of products indicated on our website include IGIC and any other applicable taxes.

The payment methods we accept: PayPal or credit card, and bank transfer.

The payment method are conducted under the commercial secure measurements, and operations work on a server using the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer). The secure server establishes a connection transferring algorithmically coded data at a speed of 128 bits, which is only readable for the customer's computer and the bank's server. Using the SSL protocol ensures that:

  1. That clients communicate their data only to the GUIDEUM WORLD server centre, and not to any other destination attempting to pass itself off as such.
  2. That between the Customer and our server, the data transmitted is encrypted, impeding any possible access or use by third parties. 

The customer promises to pay when the order is placed and the reservation is confirmed.

The ticket or proof of purchase corresponding to the purchase will be sent to your email as soon as your order is confirmed.

The customer should notify GUIDEUM WORLD of any incorrect or fraudulent charges made to the credit card used for the purchase, either via email or telephone, as soon as possible so we may take the necessary actions.

GUIDEUM WORLD will send the invoices only via email. The customer accepts this invoicing method. The invoice doesn’t establish any requirements for its expiration.

VI. Formalisation, cancellation of purchases and responsibilities

Once the order is confirmed, son when the General Conditions of Purchase and the purchase process are accepted, we will always send an email to the Customer with all the details.

GUIDEUM WORLD will accept order cancellations in the following cases. To cancel a reservation, you should contact us via or filling up the corresponding forms available on our website.

You should consider that:

- Tour reservations can be generally modified up to 48 hours in advance.

- Trip reservations can be modified but not cancelled up to 5 hours in advance.

- We are not responsible if you arrive late to the meeting point, and refunds are not possible.

GUIDEUM WORLD is not responsible for delivery mistakes in the event that the delivery address provided by the user in the order form is not the real one.

The customer shall check that all the details are correct, when the purchase is confirmed. If he notices that there is any mistake, he should let us know immediately to modify it. GUIDEUM WORLD is not responsible for mistakes made by the client in the product and date selected.

VII. Withdrawal

The consumer can exercise his right of withdrawal up to 14 days before the reservation date, with no need to give justification and no penalty will be applied from us, the full amounts will be refunded to the customer.

To apply for this right of withdrawal, the customer shall download this form:

Once it is completed, please forward it to

VIII. Complaints

In case the customer suspect their rights are violated, he can make a claim in the nearest Consumer Office. Also, the complaints resolution is possible between us and the users via the consumer arbitration.

In addition, if you have made your payment via PayPal, you should know that this organisation is the intermediary between the customer and us in these claims resolutions.

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