Kazan Food Tour

Do you want to discover the most authentic taste of Tatar cuisine? Here´s the perfect route, one where you and your taste buds will delight in the most natural flavors found in traditional Russian cuisine.

Things to do Kazan Food Tour

The best way to plunge into Kazan and get to know its culture is by savoring its cuisine. Our Kazan Food Tour will allow you to enjoy its most popular and typical Russian dishes whilst discovering its most traditional cuisine.

Alongside out Spanish speaking guide, set off on an exquisite route around the most authentic restaurants where we will have the pleasure of savoring Tartar cuisine and some of its regional beverages. In addition, there will be the chance to tour some of the city´s must-see attractions.

Russian cuisine boasts a wide range of dishes and is internationally recognized all over the world. Among its specialties, try the zarkoe, a tasty oven beef stew casserole served with potatoes and vegetables.

Delight in the pleasure of savouring its small dumplings with a meat filling cooked in broth and generally served as a first course known as tabak börek. Enjoy the popular chee-börek, a fried turn over with a filling of minced meat and onions. Shaped like a half- moon, they are really popular amongst Tartars making it a national dish of the Tartar culture. There is also a fried version known as yantik.

Lastly, taste the most iconic dessert in Kazan, the chak-chak or çäkçäk, several balls stacked up and drenched in honey and generally decorated with hazelnuts or dried fruit. We will even try some of the more traditional beverages during our activity.

Whilst our senses make the best of these pleasures, enjoy a visit to some of the must-see places in Kazan including its most vibrant streets; visit the university where Lenin studied or the city´s library.

Let yourself be carried away and enjoy the tartar cuisine in the most authentic traditional restaurants. Sign up to our Kazan Food Tour and enjoy the most complete experience during your trip to Russia. Bon appetit!

Highlights to see in Kazan Food Tour

  • Zarkoe
  • Tabak börek
  • Chee-Börek
  • Chak-chak
  • Typical beveragesin Kazan
  • Typical food in Kazan
  • And much more!



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