Travel guide: What to see and do in Huelva


1 - 3 days in Huelva: The best things to do and visit. 

Huelva, also known as the Door to the Atlantic, is a city that attracts its visitors for its touristic offer, its delicious gastronomy and its cultural and monumental heritage.

This rather unknown and breathtaking cities of Andalusia is a perfect destination to explore on foot. In the past, the city of Huelva, capital of the province of the same name, was a meeting point for many great civilizations, such as the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians or the Romans.

Its beaches are of a peculiar beauty and its legacy is stunning - and leave no one indifferent! One third of its geographic extension is covered by protected natural spaces. In our walk through the city of Huelva you will discover everything that this historic port city has to offer.

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Why visit Huelva?

If you’re planning to visit the city of Huelva, would you like to know the essential places to go to? This city has a rich history and an impressive past, and was part of the Kingdom of Tartessos. It played an important role in the conquest of the Americas and the English people settled there due to the mining wealth of the river Rio Tinto.

It is surrounded by spectacular landscapes of dunes and marshes of the famous Doñana National Park. Within Huelva there are other tourist destinations that attract the attention of travelers, such as El Rocío. These are the essential places to see and visit in Huelva in 3 days (or a weekend getaway). Take note!

Huelva: Top 12 things to do and must-see attractions 

1. Square of Nuns 


This is the main square in the city, and it has had a variety of names over the past centuries! It’s the pulsing heart of Huelva that will lead you to the most important events, the most famous shops, the best restaurants, and the busiest walking streets. Grasp the opportunity and experience the original lifestyle and atmosphere of Huelva. 

2. Museum of Huelva   

Visiting the Museum of Huelva is transporting yourself to other times. It is located in Alameda Sundheim, one of the most emblematic avenues of the city.
It has two large sections, the archeology (with material from the Riotinto Mining Park) and the fine arts (with great contemporary artists). The museum is an excellent option to enjoy a cultural morning or afternoon, with the comforts of a museum.

  Accredited EU cities: free
          Other countries: 1,50€          

  Tuesday to Friday from 11 am to 1 pm; Monday to Sunday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.      

3. The Huelva Cathedral

The cathedral de Nuestra Señora de la Merced, or Huelva Cathedral, is an obligatory stop in Huelva. Its beautiful Renaissance façade will be the first thing to catch your attention when you're approaching the Plaza de la Merced. 

It is the main religious temple of the Huelva capital. It was declared a National Monument in 1790, being converted into a cathedral in 1953, its particular appearance does not detract from its great value and beauty, making it one of the most spectacular monuments in the city.

What to see and do in the Cathedral of Huelva? 

This beautiful building was built in the 17th century as part of the convent, the San Roque Hermitage. The original structure of the cathedral lasted for a bit more than a century. Having been affected by the two earthquakes of Lisbon – in 1775 and in the 20th century – it had to be rebuilt on several occasions.
In summary, what we see today is the result of a succession of renovations and reforms that lasted well into the 19th century. It must be taken into account that the works were stopped many times for extraordinary reasons, some of them as important as Napoleon’s invasion of Huelva in 1811 or the suppression of male monastic orders by Mendizabal. As a consequence of the Mendizabal disentailment in 1835, the Convent of La Merced, just as many other Church buildings in Spain, passed into public hands – in this case into those of the Provincial Council.

Architecture and interior of the Huelva Cathedral

The facade of the cathedral stands out for its baroque style. It is composed in three bodies organized by cornices. The central part resembles a huge altarpiece with alcoves. In 1978 they were adorned with statues created by Antonio León Ortega as a master and Mario Ignacio Moya as an apprentice, made of fire clay from the Virgin of Mercy, Saint Leander and Saint Walabonso. Both the interior walls and the ceilings of the Merced Cathedral are painted white and are adorned with interesting altarpieces.
Yoorney Tips! Learn more about the curiosities of this monument with a local tour guide in your language who will solve any doubts that might arise. 


  Tuesday to Friday from 11 am to 1 pm; Monday to Sunday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

4. The Huelva Columbus House 

casa colón
The Huelva Columbus House, or Casa Colón, is located in the very heart of the city. It is part of the British legacy, and one of those buildings that were constructed by the English people and still prevail today as one of the landmarks of the city.
It was built between 1881 and 1883, as a result of the need of building a hotel in Huelva in order to satisfy the increasing demand in the city of Huelva.
After the IV Centenary of the Discovery of America it wasn’t used as a hotel anymore and was renamed with its current name of Casa Colón. Currently, it houses the Palace of Congress and the Municipal Archives. It also showcases the Ibero-American Film Festival of Huelva.
A curious detail within the long history of the Casa Colón is the fact that it staged the founding of the football club “Huelva Recreation Club” on December 23, 1889.

5. Monument to Columbus

Monumento a Colón
Another must-see and highly symbolic place of Huelva is the Monument to Columbus, also known as the Monument to the Discovery Faith. This is one of the fundamental spots that you must see in order to understand the history of Huelva, the city from where the ships that took Christopher Columbus to discover the Americas departed. This sculpture depicts the figure of a navigator who looks towards the West, exactly as Columbus must have done when he sensed the “New World”. Located at the confluence of Rio Tinto and the Odiel river, the Monument to Columbus is 37 meters high and was inaugurated in 1929. It was forged by the American artist Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, who dedicated it to the era of the exploration of the New World initiated by Christopher Columbus. 

6. Carmen Market 

You have probably been getting hungry while reviewing the history of Huelva, right? In this case, the best thing to do is to head towards the Avenida de la Ría, where you will find the mythical market of El Carmen, or Mercado del Carmen, that counts with 150 years of history! This is one of those little corners where you can get lost, breathe the city and gain first-hand experience about the essence of life in the Huelva capital.

7. Moret Park 

Huelva has the privilege of having the largest urban park in Andalusia (72 green hectares). It is one of the largest green lungs. It is the perfect place, in the heart of the city, to enjoy a pleasant walk, breathe fresh air, disconnect from the intensity of daily life or, why not, practice some sport. It offers you many alternatives in your leisure time.

What to see in Moret Park?

We recommend 3 areas of the park:

    • The area known as the Cabezos del Conquero. At this end of the park it borders the Marismas del Odiel area and there are the ruins of a Roman aqueduct.
    • Southeast of Moret Park. There, even today, it is still cultivated in some of the orchards that existed in the area in the past.
    • Finally, you can relax in one of the pleasure boats that are rented in the lagoons of the park while you watch the ducks swimming around you or simply listen to the sound of this natural oasis.

8. Rio Tinto Pier 


Huelva offers you spectacular sunrises and sunsets, which you can contemplate from the Rio Tinto Pier, or Muelle del Tinto.

This spot is known for its particular charm, and you can take a walk along its walkways at different heights. In the 19th century, the minerals that were extracted from the Rio Tinto mines were loaded at this commercial pier-wharf.

You should visit the Rio Tinto Pier before sunrise at least once! Just take your time, relax and observe the most beautiful sunrise that you have ever seen!

9. Huelva Graffiti

Adrián Pérez, better known as Man or Matic, is the best known graffiti artist of Huelva and his international projection is impressive. Even Banksy valued and promoted his work by sharing one of his graffiti on social networks. We recommend you to walk around the city in search of some of the works of this great artist.
One of our favorites decorates one of the ruined walls of the old Mercado del Carmen, and is called Toys are us. We also love Birds, which represents Alfred Hitchcock and is a tribute to his mythical movie. You can find many of Man’s graffiti decorating the blinds of some of the businesses in the city center! We love his work because it adds color and joy to the image of the city of Huelva. When you see his street art, you will know that it is his. Take the chance and experience this different side of Huelva: the one that bets on urban art and on an alternative vision of the city.

10. Monastery La Rábida

The Monastery La Rábida, or Monasterio La Rábida, is one of the Columbian places and played an important role in the history of the discovery of the New World. It served as a shelter and a refuge for Christopher Columbus and his son, and was a key link between Columbus and the Catholic Monarchs of Spain. It is one of the most important historical buildings in Huelva. The Monastery La Rábida is located in Palos de la Frontera.

   Individual: 3,50€.
           Pensioners and students: 3,00€
           Household (parents with children under 18 years): 8,00€.
           Groups (of 20 people or more):2,00€.
           Special groups and children up to 5 years: free.

  From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 
           Closed every Monday.

11. Wharf of the Caravels 

It is one of the main tourist destinations in Huelva.

Here are the replicas of La Pinta, La Niña and La Santa María, the ships that participated in the first Columbian voyage in 1942.

The Wharf of the Caravels also counts with an interpretation center, the medieval neighborhood and the Meeting Island (La Isla del Encuentro), a recreation of the indigenous community of Guanahani Island (the 1st island where Christopher Columbus landed, on October 12, 1492, and which he named San Salvador).
Why did we like it so much? We could even go on board the three caravels! We walked around them and discovered their interiors, went down to the cellars and even entered Christopher Columbus' cabin.

      Adults: 3,60€.
           Students, pensioners and groups (minimum 20 people): 1,50€.
           Household (parents with children under 18 years): 7,50€.
           Children under 5 years old and special groups: free.

      From 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 
            Closed every Monday. 

12. The best Beaches in Huelva

Did you know that Huelva has paradisiacal beaches? We leave you a list of the ones we liked the most.

Our 5 best beaches in Huelva
  • Punta Umbría: A beautiful ocean before you, with marshlands in the back. Have a mojito in the sunset and enjoy.
  • Matalascañas: sand dunes and the vegetation of Doñana.
  • Isla Cristina: Endless and quiet beaches.
  • Mazagón: a different landscape under an imposing cliff.
  • Playa de Isla Canela: essential place for kite surfing and other activities.

logo_eat.jpgWhere to eat in Huelva? 

  • As in all places in Andalusia, the gastronomy of Huelva is spectacular. They have high quality products, such as the famous white prawns, the Jabugo ham or the tuna mojama. We give you some recommendations to taste the typical foods of the area.

    4 places to eat in Huelva 

    • Cervecería la Ría: we loved the seafood and fresh fish. Try the grilled octopus with raspberry aioli (super special!)
    • Bar Pappis: tapas and typical montaditos from Huelva. We really liked the montadito Mambo (with seasoned chicken) and the musaka.        
    • Burger Hermanos Rodrígez: homemade burgers for dinner or lunch, we fell in love! Its location is most particular, it is in a kiosk in the Plaza de las Monjas!
    • Restaurante Azabache: the benchmark for tapas in Huelva, it offers quality traditional Andalusian cuisine based on excellent fresh and seasonal products.

    4 typical dishes of Huelva

    • Jamón de Huelva: The Huelva ham is the king of the local gastronomy and one its most popular delicacies. Order a plate of Jabugo ham along with a good wine! Can you think of any better option to regain strength after spending the whole day walking around Huelva?
    • Gambas de Huelva: This is an exclusive species of prawns that is only found along the coast of the towns that are located between the mouth of the Guadiana and the Guadalquivir River. Throughout the whole country, the Huelva Prawns are recognized as a synonym of excellence for their authentic marine flavor, their unmistakable texture and their high quality
    • Choco de Huelva: This dish is the culinary hallmark of Huelva. In Spain, there is a saying that goes “you are more from Huelva than a choco”, and in fact the people of Huelva are popularly known as ‘choqueros’. Don't you know what choco is? It is a type of squid, smaller than cuttlefish, that you can enjoy in all of Huelva’s restaurants and bars.
    • Coquinas de Huelva: Coquina clams are one of the most characteristic mollusks of Andalusian seafood and of the Mediterranean diet. We assure you that this dish will make you lick your fingers.

    yoorney family logo.pngHuelva with children

    Are you going to travel to Huelva with the little ones? It has all the attractions to fully enjoy with the family. From getting on a historic ship to entering spectacular caves or walking through a landscape that seems Martian. Spending a holiday in Huelva with children can be a lot of fun!

    Take a look at the best plans for young and old in the province of Huelva. Are you in? 

    Birdwatching of the Coto de Doñana


    There are many activities to do with children in the Doñana National Park. This is one of the most emblematic protected natural areas in Europe, due to the diversity of its ecosystems and because of the importance of many of the species that live in it.

    It’s definitely a must-see place! Doñana consists of 3 extensive habitats: dunes, scrub woodland and marshlands. You will have the opportunity to show your children one of the most spectacular landscapes in Andalusia.

      The little ones (and the big ones) will love the great diversity of flora and fauna that exists. Only here some species can be seen, play to find them! 

    Tour the Riotinto Mining Park by train

    Do you want to travel to another planet without leaving Earth? In Huelva, there is an old railway that takes us directly to a Martian landscape. 

    Visiting the Rio Tinto Mining Park is doubtlessly a must when you visit Huelva with your children. It is a journey on board of a 19th-century train that crosses the incredible landscape of the Rio Tinto mining basin. One of the most stunning rivers in the world, due to its color and the composition of its waters.

    When we went there, we loved the tour on the old railway and visiting the mine, but what impressed us most was the incredible landscape... we felt as if we were on the planet Mars!


    It will make you feel like an astronaut!

    Experience the magic of the Grotto of Marvels 

    Aracena is the door to the famous Grotto of Marvels! This was the first cave in Spain (and one of the first in Europe) to open its doors to tourists. Although it was discovered at the end of the 19th century, it was not opened to the public before 1914. Furthermore, it has been declared as one of the official tourist sights of Andalusia.

    It is located in the urban area of Aracena, caved into the mountain atop of which you can find the remains of the Aracena Castle. Inside of these excavations there are 3 lakes, 3 levels of galleries, stalactites, stalagmites and other formations created by the water and the passage of time. You will discover a marvelous landscape, different to any that you have ever seen before!

    Walk along the Huelva estuary

    If you go to Huelva with children, seize the opportunity and go to Mazagón and its extensive beach. You can enjoy a beautiful walk and approach the mountain passes. This incredible spectacle of nature with beautiful views is at your fingertips and definitely a must-see when you go to Huelva.

    We walked around to take some beautiful pictures, and also purchased tickets for the boat that parts from the Mazagón pier in order to observe this natural area from a marine perspective.

    Karting center in Cartaya 

    A unique adventure on wheels! In the Cartaya karting center, the only thing that your little ones have to worry about is having the minimum height to reach the pedal. They should be at leas 6 or 7 years old.

    There are karts available for children, for adults, and even competition karts for professionals or aspiring professionals who want to train.

    Your whole family will enjoy this activity, where you will laugh and create wonderful memories together! We will definitely repeat this experience when we go back to Huelva!

    yoorney pets logo.pngPet-friendly Huelva


    You're a #petlover and are looking for the perfect holiday plans to enjoy with your furry friends? The province of Huelva invites you to enjoy the sun and the sea throughout the whole year, surrounded by pittoresque white villages, from the mountain range Sierra Morena to the Atlantic coast. Small farm towns full of history and immense beaches are waiting for you and your pet.

    In Huelva, pet-friendly tourism and getaways have been growing throughout the last years. There is a continuously increasing number of hotels, restaurants and beaches that hang the official “Pet-Friendly” sign onto their doors. So, what are you waiting for? A getaway with your dog is one of the most connecting adventures that you can experience together - and that you will never forget.

    Huelva is known as a very #petfriendly city, which we can doubtlessly confirm after travelling there ourselves. There was an incredible offer of activities that we could actually do with our dogs! While many other cities are still “less modern” in this sense, Huelva has proven to be one of our top pet-friendly spots in Spain.

    Dog friendly beaches in Huelva

    You are probably already thinking about what you can plan to do with your pet in Huelva. One of our favorite activities is to enjoy a swim in the sea or to run along the shore of the beach with our dog - it’s always such a huge fun! There are four dog friendly beaches in the province of Huelva: El Espigón Beach (Huelva), La Gola Beach (Isla Cristina), La Ría Beach (Punta Umbría) and Santa Pura Beach (Lepe).

    • El Espigón beach: The canine beach ‘El Espigón’ is located in the city of Huelva, specifically, along the area between the 5th walkway and the breakwater. It is 2,5 kilometers long and you will love its fine and golden sand. This beach is characterized by its tranquility and moderate waves. 
    • Gola Beach (Island Cristina) : This urban beach is located just next to the Levante breakwater, south of the marina. It is an 800-meter stretch of fine golden sand beach, where you can enjoy yourself together with your dog while it runs, swims and has fun.  
    • Ría Beach (Punta Umbría): This dog-friendly spot in Punta Umbría occupies an area of 2,000 square meters. La Ría Beach is located in the extension of La Marina Avenue, in the area of the estuary near the fairgrounds. It is open to the public throughout the whole year.  
    • Canina de Santa Pura Beach (Lepe) : The Santa Pura dog beach is located in Lepe and was inaugurated in 2019. It has an extension of about 1000 meters and offers you fine sand and crystal clear water. You can find it just 500 meters away from The Santa Pura beach bar and nearby the Nueva Umbría naturist beach.  

    Places to go with dogs in Huelva

    • Lagoon of the Portil. It is located within the Laguna del Portil Natural Area. This passage area for migratory birds is perfect to watch many different species in spring and autumn. Your pet will have a lot of fun here, with all the vegetation and animals to play around.
    • La Esperanza Park. This is an authentic pet-friendly space. In this area your dog has the opportunity to run freely and to burn off energy. It is one of the places in the city where you can walk your dog without leash. You can also bring their favorite toy and exercise together.
    • Laguna de Acebuche. The Acebuche Lagoon is one of the key areas where you can discover the essence of the Doñana National Park. Pets are allowed here, as long as they are on a leash. It is a space where your dog can interact with nature and get to know new smells. You are going to have a great time!
    • Visit the Rio Tinto Mining Park. We could actually get onto the railroad with our dog! A big shout out to this great company that allows us to travel and enjoy this incredible place with our furry friends.
    • Canine Parks. Breathe some fresh air while letting your dog play! Take it to one of the numerous dog parks in the historic city center. Los Olivos Dog Park, Antonio Machado Dog Park... our big favorite is the Zafra Dog Park with views on the Odiel River.
    • Places to eat. You can bring dogs to the vast majority of restaurants and tapas bars in Huelva. A sticker on their door indicates that pets are welcome, but do not hesitate to ask an employee otherwise. We didn’t have any problems.

    Pet-friendly hotels in Huelva 

    If you are one of those who like to travel with your dog, there are more and more hotels that allow pets.

    Accessible Huelva 


    Adapted tourism still seems to be a pending issue for many places. Is this true for Huelva as well? We had the chance to experience it first-hand and these are some of our favorite adapted and accessible places:

    Beaches: Isla Cristina Beach, Matalascañas Beach, Punta Umbría Beach, Antilla Beach ... we had no problems! There are walkways to walk the way to the sand without problems, they also have different very useful services.

    Doñana Park: we were able to have a very direct contact with nature without any problem, the park is settled by a multitude of wooden walkways. You cannot miss this incredible place!

        yoorney party 2.pngNightlife Huelva  

        Enjoy the nightlife of Huelva. These are some of our favorite places to party in Huelva!

        Love for beer in Huelva 

        If you like going out for beers in Huelva, you can't leave the city without trying El Tercer Tiempo. It's beer lovers heaven! They have to choose from more than a hundred from different countries.

        Cocktails in Huelva

        For those who prefer cocktails, have a drink after work or enjoy the night in Huelva going out more quietly, Prokope, El Búho or Mandala can be great destinations.

        Live music in Huelva

        Huelva has concert halls and a musical program that you are going to love. If you like live music, you have to stop by the Mosquito Club. It's the total beach experience.

        Nightclubs in Huelva

        In Huelva there is a great variety of shows and alternative music. To get out of your day-to-day routine, we recommend the Lollipop nightclub, Mangu Beach Club or Live Punta Humbría.

        The best nightlife in Huelva. Perfect for having the first or last drink of the night.

        How to get to Huelva?

        Whenever you have a destination in mind, one of the biggest concerns is getting to the city. The main ways to travel to Huelva are by car, by bus, by plane, by train and by boat.

        How to get to Huelva by car


        The most common option is by car. Although everything depends on the origin. We recommend accessing through the A-49 from Seville that connects Huelva and Seville. To the north from Extremadura, on the N 435 and to the west from Portugal. From Madrid either by the national V to Mérida connecting with the N 435 or to Seville and connecting with the A-49.

        How to get to Huelva by train


        There are many people who enjoy the train journey, so let's see how you can travel by rail to this magical city. In the station of the capital of Huelva. You can opt for 3 train tours.
        Huelva is well connected to the Sevilla San Justa station, so we can get there from Seville. Madrid also connects with the AVE in just over two and a half hours. On the other hand, there is also another medium-distance line that covers the route that connects the town of Huelva with Zafra, a town in Extremadura.

        How to get to Huelva by bus


        If you decide to do it by bus, the company Damas S.A. It has connections between the towns of the province, Seville, Andalusia and Portugal. The bus station is located on Avenida Doctor Rubio.
        The company Socibus S.A. performs regular services to Madrid.

        How to get to Huelva by plane


        To get to Huelva by plane, the closest international airports are Seville and Faro, both an hour's drive away.

        How to get to Huelva by boat

        In Huelva there has been a ferry since 2011. It is directly linked to the Canary Islands, specifically to Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

        How to get around Huelva

        • Bus
        • Bike-Sevici
        • Cab
        • Uber
        • Cabify
        • Scooter - Limer and Bird

        20 most beautiful towns to visit in Huelva

        We mark you our favorites!
        1. Alájar
        2. Almonaster La Real
        3. Ayamonte
        4. Castaño del Robledo
        5. Cortegana
        6. El Granado
        7. El Rompido
        8. Fuenteheridos
        9. Galaroza
        10. Jabugo
        11. Las Chinas
        12. Linares de la Sierra
        13. Minas de Río Tinto
        14. Moguer
        15. Niebla isotipo-yoorney-morado-letras-blancas copia.png
        16. Palos de la Frontera
        17. San Lúcar de Guadiana

           Huelva general information 



              Magnet of Columbus ships

               Shells from the golden beaches of Huelva

               Special canned oil from Huelva

              Souvenir from Hermitage of El Rocío 


              To laps Conqueros
              Vía verde ("Green-ways")Huelva-Portil 


              Agenda de Huelva
              Guía del Ocio
              La Guía Go



             Shopping Center Holea
              Shopping Center Costa Luz
             Shopping Center Aqualon
              Center (street Berdigón a Concepción)


          Map of Huelva

          In this urban map of Huelva you will see the main monuments of Huelva and the places of interest that we have described in the blog article. We want you to make the most of your visit. Take into account all the sites that we have mentioned.

          If you miss out on one of the must-sees, don't worry! That is always a great excuse to come back to this beautiful city in Spain.


          How to use the interactive map of Huelva?

          We have indicated different colors for each area of recommendation.

          Huelva Transport Map

          Did you like this Huelva travel guide? We hope you find it very useful. We have really enjoyed creating it and visiting all these places enchating places.
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